Protecting Clients Wealth
Over Generations

Who We Are

Tra Partners has been founded and built toward the objective of providing influential families, treasuries and foundations with highly customized counsel and solutions to preserve and nurture their wealth over generations.
We are a multi-family office of 16 professionals, based in Switzerland, with extensive experience in wealth protection, with particular regard to cost optimization (including both financial and non-financial assets).
We are totally independent and we offer our clients completely impartial answers to meet their specific needs.

What We Do

In today's complex world the management of important portfolios requires to cope with both unique demands and challenges.
We are always at our clients side to help understand and face these difficult challenges
with the utmost of professionalism, experience and dedication.

We support thoroughly our clients by being a competent, sensitive and integrated partner,
oversighting and taking care of all the crucial areas involved in family and institutional wealth:

Analysis & Reporting

By offering a clear, comprehensive and tailored overview of their consolidated assets, we provide our clients with a solid basis for making informed and sound decisions from one side, and to reduce costs from the other.

Through a dedicated and highly sophisticated software, clients' financial and non-financial data are aggregated, controlled and steadily monitored over time, allowing for an unbiased and thorough analysis of costs and performance of the managed services performed by financial intermediaries.

Wealth Protection

On a daily basis, we monitor in detail the implementation of the investment strategy followed by financial intermediaries to ensure that both clients guidelines and costs agreed are effectively applied.

With the same aim, and in order to protect our clients' portfolios from any possible fraud, we regularly review asset managers activity and perform very detailed quality controls on each single transaction.


Our long-term experience and global network allow us to introduce our clients to the best international professionals, including access to non-bank deals, such as Private Equity, Hybrid Structures, Real Estate Equity, Commodities etc.

Consistently, we guide our clients putting our knowledge and expertise at their disposal for a well-informed evaluation of such counterparts.

Wealth Planning

A key part of our role as family office is to assist our clients in the complex issues involved in the succession planning and, more in general, to structure their wealth in a way that it could be sustained and maintained for future generations.

We help families and institutions in preparing for transition, identifying critical issues and unexplored possibilities.

In coordination with our network of first class advisers, we are able to provide our clients with the needed support and guidance on any strategic decision they happen to make.