Approach and Values

As wealth protectors, we believe that the only way to bring an added value to our clients
is providing each of them with the highest level of commitment and dedication.
On this basis we offer an individual, exclusive, fully integrated and comprehensive approach, taking care of all the diverse areas of family and institutional wealth.
Such working philosophy stem from, and constantly develops around, four main values,
that constitute the pillars of our counsel and service:


Each client is our focus

A true understanding of each client's history, needs, goals and desires is the starting point to build and develop a true partnership, where each other interests are totally aligned and oriented toward mutual satisfaction.

Each client always comes first. We always act on his behalf with his best interest in mind.


We value relationships

We take time to establish and nurture long-lasting relationships of mutual trust and loyalty with our clients, involving also the future generations in the education process.
We make available to them our global network of best in class professionals.
At the same time, we are also very respectful of relationships with clients' existing professionals.


Professionalism & confidentiality are a must

Our multi-lingual team of professionals strives every day to provide excellence in our service, by offering outstanding solutions based on high-quality expertise and aligned with the best industry standards.
Attention to detail and a strong commitment to safeguard the confidentiality of clients' information are cardinal aspects of our working style.
We are totally independent (not burdened by any conflict of interest) and employ a clear and transparent fee model.


We look beyond

We believe that being flexible and quickly adaptable to change is the key for succeeding in today's environment, dominated by high levels of complexity, challenges and opportunities, where clients' needs and regulation are evolving fast.
We put efforts in thinking and acting proactively, we are always open to new ideas.
We foster intensively contacts with our international network of service providers and advisers, in order to promote the exchange of information, stimulate synergies and share best practices and resources.


We are a team of passionate people, with over 20 years of international experience in the wealth management industry.


Roberto Travella

Founding Partner

Stefano Delmenico

Founding Partner


Alfredo Violo

Junior Analyst

Leonardo Negri

Junior Analyst

Daniela Bellati

Senior Accountant

Nicola Battalora

Senior Advisor

Paolo Bosani

Senior Advisor

Highly Customized Consolidating Software

Consolidator+ is our software solution developed and continuously improved to cope with new requirements and client needs.
The software aims to control and aggregate all transactions related to the bankable assets of a family
as well as any non-bankable investments such as private equity, participations, real estate pieces, fine arts, liabilities, etc.
The ultimate objective is to provide clients with material for an independent evaluation of the portfolio performance.
Through a highly customized reporting our clients have access to a detailed analysis of their wealth,
not limited to a static snapshot, but comprehensive of a dynamic evolution of their financial situation.
Every single bank transaction is replicated in detail into the system,
allowing to double-check their correctness including costs, to perform sophisticated performance calculation
(including performance attribution and contribution)
as well as to illustrate various risk parameters and comparisons against peers and benchmarks;
Daily valuation prices and corporate action updates are integrated from external information providers.
The software final output, our client report, is available in 5 different languages (EN, D, F, I, NL)